Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Learning doesn't stop during Christmas.

Yes, we are still doing schoolwork.  Most of the learning going on is of the "fun", unplanned variety - a lesson on who Saint Nicholas was, and how this person became known as Santa Claus. 

A video online about the writing of the Star Spangled Banner.  And a discussion about what it must have been like for Francis Scott Key, straining to see the Stars and Stripes, when the British were determined to bomb it into oblivion.  The meaning of patriotism, and what it means to be an American.  That's something we're extra-sensitive on - my dad is a retired Army colonel with 42 years of service, my brother is serving in Iraq, my boyfriend is a former sheriff's deputy, and my ex-husband is a Mexican immigrant (the proud holder of a green card). 

We've watched Nato track Santa - what a wonderful geography lesson every year!  That leads into discussing time zones, and watching the map to see where Santa is, and what it's like in those countries.  It's also lead to a discussion about what government is supposed to do, versus all the extra stuff it's taking on. 

Mercedes is still writing her business plan for her party planning business.  I'm going to make her write it over - with correct spelling this time! 

Jared got a bunch of Legos from my boyfriend, Tim, and he's been spending all day every day either riding his new bike (even in the snow) or working on his Lego project.  He also got a box of K'nex, and has been building with them also.

History lessons have started up again (I've been lazy). 

Jared's learning his two-times tables, and is proud as can be that he got it right off the bat. 

Mercedes is struggling a bit with spelling and got a little confused when we started adding thousands instead of just hundreds - the extra column scared her a bit, but she's getting it. 

Bedtime story lately has been a chapter of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.  

I'm so proud to see the kids growing and learning.