Friday, March 4, 2011

Changing the Workload

Mercedes just figured out that her workload needs to change.  She'd been doing minimums - 2 pages of math, for instance - but has now moved into advanced enough math (long division) that she needs to spend a more substantial length of time in schoolwork.  She's also starting to figure out that the earlier she can get her work done, the more time she has available to play in the afternoon. 

She's reading at a more advanced level than I thought she would at her age (she's 9).  Right now she's reading Twilight, which she reads for pleasure, and Heidi, and the Chronicles of Narnia.  I suggested that she read anything by Lewis Carroll soon (and Jared, too) because of his made-up words.  What a great help for phonics! 

Jared - is catching up to his sister in mathematics.  He's reading the Tale of Devereaux and loves it.  I really enjoy hearing the pride in his voice as he reads to me. 

We discussed the Mayflower Compact in history today, and did a Mad-Libs style Compact for our own family.  The combination of 17th century language and 21st century vernacular sent the kids into peals of laughter.  And they're finally getting the joke - "If April showers bring May flowers, what to May flowers bring?  Pilgrims!"

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