Monday, August 9, 2010

First Day Back!

Today we resumed homeschool after a few weeks off.  The kids were glad to get back into the routine.  I am glad, too.  I think kids need some structure! 

Jared is nearly complete with 1st grade math, and since he would be entering 2nd grade, he's right on track with math.  He's enjoying reading, and he was mad at me this morning because I forgot to get the history handouts ready for them.  History is by far his favorite subject. 

Mercedes needs to buckle down on math, although she's at or above grade level in writing and reading.  She keeps avoiding math.  I find it strange because she's very good at it, and she can get up to speed quickly.  We're beginning serious work on her writing this year. 

And I plan to take them out to the West Desert later this week for the meteor shower.  A cooler, a red-filtered flashlight, blankets, and a couple of camp chairs to watch Nature's own firework show!

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