Wednesday, August 11, 2010

"Free" public education?

I was looking over my Facebook page, and a couple of friends were talking about being broke now that school is in session.  (It doesn't start here in Utah till next week.)  There are supplies to be purchased, fees to be paid, and of course the kids have to have the cool clothes.

I'm so glad I homeschool.

I purchase my curriculum throughout the year, as needed.  We do take advantage of back to school sales, stocking up on art supplies, pencils, and the like. 

The kids don't care if their clothes come from the thrift shop - and I don't have a rush to get them in fall clothes before an arbitrary date. 

Fees?  What fees?  We just buy what we need, at a fraction of the cost at school, and do our science experiments as we want to.  Later this week, we're driving out to the desert to watch the Pleiades Meteor Shower, complete with a discussion of how to find north and the constellations.

And, I get through more "schooling" in less time than any public school could ever do.  We're always done by noon, unless the kids want to do more, and if they choose to do more, they're still available to play by the end of the school day.  They're blessed with free time, unlike their peers, who are overscheduled with hours of homework at the end of the day, plus structured lessons, and no chance to be kids.

Hmmm.  Seems like I'm getting a deal here!

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