Friday, August 20, 2010

Setting up routines

Probably the most challenging part of homeschooling to me is getting routines set up.  Getting up, working out, "doing school," getting to work, getting work actually done, cooking dinner, cleaning house.  I have a control journal, but it's been tough remembering to do everything every day. 

The nice thing, though, is that as the routines fall into place, one thing at a time, there is actually less to do.  I don't mind washing three dishes nearly as much as I mind washing three days worth (or dishes for a family of 10, Mom.)  I don't mind mopping the floor if I know it just gets mopped every Monday.  Less at one go, although more little tasks every day.

And, I just realized I have to order a new history book.  I didn't realize we were almost done! 

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