Thursday, September 2, 2010

Just Write!

It was nice to sleep in today.  Jared and Mercedes got up bright and early, fixed themselves breakfast (and cleaned up after themselves), and watched TV.  I got them started on their schoolwork - and then the power went out and they couldn't have the TV on anyway. 

It was pretty nice.  Jared is starting his 2nd grade math book.  He is so proud of his math abilities!  It's fun to watch.  Mercedes is confident that she's going to sail through hers.

I'm doing a lot more with writing this year.  I guess it's all the blogs I'm writing.  Writing is a vital skill, especially in our information-based culture.  Those who don't write well will be stuck in low paid, dead end jobs, while people who can express themselves clearly and concisely will be able to earn more money. 

How to teach writing?  Well, I have the kids make my grocery lists, write down how they feel, keep a daily journal, write down science experiments, write down what they learned in history, do book reports, make notes on the dry-erase board, write letters to grandparents, and more.  And then they also have specific writing assignments, and a study of grammar.

Maybe I'll have them put together a newsletter, like the Pickwick Papers in Little Women.  That would be fun!

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