Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A house full of sick kids.

Mercedes is coughing, and Jared went to sleep on the couch before 6.  I think the kids are getting sick.

We had a wonderful history lesson on Henry Hudson.  Jared was impressed that Hudson was stranded in a lifeboat in the middle of Hudson's Bay.  I've got to get a globe tomorrow so we can study the way the sun strikes the earth and why it's dark at the North Pole for six months in the winter. 

Mercedes is starting to pick up her studies.  She's been lazy for a while.  The frustrating thing with her is that she is VERY intelligent.  She just gets frustrated easily (her hormones are already in overdrive).  She hasn't been sleeping well, so she's chosen to sit up and read Harry Potter or Narnia. 

I'm so glad that homeschooling means education goes on - a little scaled back, but still goes on - when they're sick and in bed. 

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