Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Reason number 40028 why I homeschool

There's nothing so rewarding as realizing what fun learning is for your kids.  Jared lost his math book a few days ago (before Christmas, probably) and had been searching for it for weeks.  He even suggested that Mercedes had hidden it to keep him from passing her up in math - and I wouldn't put it past her, either.

What joy it was to hear him shout, "Mom!  I found my math book!"  with triumph and excitement in his voice. 

Jared loves math.  It's what he works on first, and loves working on most.  Other than building his Bionicles, Legos, or K'nex, of course. I love that he loves math, and that he doesn't have school to take the enjoyment of learning away from him.  He goes at his own pace, keeps up with his peers easily, is developing an amazing work ethic, and quickly and easily understands concepts.  He explained to me how to divide yesterday, and he hasn't even hit that part of math yet.


  1. Ugh... I am so jealous! I wish that my kids would get excited about something... ANYTHING! Instead they spend so much time fighting me that I feel like we take 1 step forward and 2 steps back. My 2nd grader wants me to "help" her with her copy work... how the heck do you help a kid with copy work unless you are doing it for them? So I tell her to sit down and do it, but it is a battle. every. single. day. :( How did you spark that love of learning? Because I feel like here, the fire is out.

  2. I don't fight with them. We spend a lot of down time - it's almost "unschooling." And I talk to them about their goals.

    The trick is to help them find out what they DO like to do. You may be in for a bunch of field trips - it helps to take the pressure off.