Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Virtual Public School vs Home School

I spent part of the evening helping a friend get her granddaughter's computer set up for K12.  This young lady is 14 and has not been happy in the public school system, and is thrilled to be doing K12 and to be out of the classroom.

Why don't I set my kids up with K12?  After all, it's "free" because it's public school.  And you know what? That's why.

I don't educate my kids according to a public school model that's not working well anyway.  I am using a Thomas Jefferson Education / Well Trained Mind approach, which is a more classical education.  I prefer to be in full control of my children's education.  It's just a different philosophy.  I certainly don't put anyone down who uses K12 - they're getting their kids out of the pressure cooker, which is wonderful. 

It's just not the choice I made when I chose to homeschool.

And we're loving the process. 

I'm excited to see how my friend's granddaughter does!

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