Saturday, June 12, 2010

Saturday is a Special Day!

It should be the day we spend getting ready for Sunday, but the kids spent the day outside playing.  I mean literally all day, even though it was wet and rainy all day.  Mercedes woke me up to ask if she could play with her friends.  It's nearly 8:30 pm and they're starting to come in from play.  It's really been a solid 10 hours!

Jared came in when it started raining and told me where Mercedes was (at a friend's house), took a warm bath, refreshed himself, and found someone else to play with after the rain stopped. 

It's almost a shame, really.  They play so hard on Saturday because their friends are so heavily scheduled all week with school and lessons that they have no time to play.  I hope things get better now that summer vacation is here.  Kids need time to play.

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