Monday, June 14, 2010

William Shakespeare

Mercedes has discovered the joys of William Shakespeare and his plays, and she's only 9.  Recently, we saw A Midsummer Night Dream at the local library.  I think that really brought out the fun of Shakespeare for my girl.  (Jared proclaimed it "boring" since it didn't have enough blood and gore for him.  I think I should introduce hm to Macbeth.)

She's now found a mini-biography of the Bard to read.  She likes reading his early plays, and is anxious to be able to act them out.  I think she wants to play Juliet.

What's fun for me is that I didn't learn about Shakespeare or his plays until 9th or 10th grade, although I also read the story (not the play) of Midsummer at an early age.  He's just not discussed until high school, which is  a shame because some of his plays are just so fun!

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